Previous Works


"I started with still-lifes and landscapes; after attending the academy, I slowly started to experiment with the techniques I  had learned and I developed them. I like layers, very transparent elements and the satisfaction of bringing ideas into the painting, something initially hidden to be discovered by the viewer"

Meir Salomon

Meir Salomon was born in 1947 in Jerusalem and studied art between 1968 and 1970 in Tel-Aviv at Avni Studio, one of the most important art schools in Israel, which was established in 1936 by a group of Jewish artists; the most important of whom was Aharon Avni. The school includes a large gallery space where students exhibit their works.


After two years Salomon decided to move to the Netherlands to give his artistic training international scope and in Amsterdam he studied Visual Art at Rietveld Academy for five years between 1970 and 1975. This period of study was very important in the creation of his style and allowed him to became a member of the Dutch Union of Visual Artists (BBK), between 1975-1980. The BBK was founded in 1945 by Dutch artists during World War II and prides itself in always pursuing a progressive art politic; becoming a member of this association acknowledges an artist's professional and artistic standing.

In the following years Salomon participated in several international artistic Dutch enterprises in Israel, Holland, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, France and the UK.  In all these countries he absorbed the perfume of the traditions but reinterpreting their influences in a modern idiom. 

In 1992 the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam gave Salomon the prestigious opportunity to paint for two weeks at Monet’s garden in Giverny and then in 1994 he was allowed to work for three months at the Yellow House in Provence owned by the Kruller Muller Museum. This opportunity was created because Van Gogh had expressed the wish that Dutch painters should be able to come and work alongside him, if not in person then in spirit.


Salomon was awarded two first prizes at the Biennale Chianciano in Italy, a very prestigious and international museum exhibition, which has contributed to elevate him in the public eye.