Meir Salomon: "abstract, minimalist & geometric"

"Meir Salomon: "abstract, minimalist & geometric" written by art critic Paola Trevisan.

Meir Salomon’s works reveal a suggestive blend of various – not only artistic – elements, from the traditional to the contemporary, from the abstract to the figurative, from chromatism to geometry: intense yet refined colours, enriched by the use of fabric, soft touches of paint and thick surfaces, converse harmonically with Jewish symbols, flowers, drawings of open windows, fragments of biblical texts and prayers. In the resulting, subtly delicate compositions and atmospheres, the observer, as if facing a theatre set, passionately dives into them – even trying to decipher the writings – and goes through the memories, the keepsakes, the dreams evoked in the Author by his double identity, belonging as he does to both the Western and the Hebrew worlds. Two different cultures with, however, some unifying elements, and in which he lived for long periods at different times in his life. 

Drawing by Meir Salomon named Fire & Water
fire and water drawing by Meir Salomon

In Salomon’s works, nothing is left to chance: the formal compositions, the rendering of the mysticism inspired by the Scriptures and by the text fragments – always carefully chosen – are, together with the balance in the arrangement and colours, the result of creative ability and technical mastery. The Author, with his delicate and masterful use of colours, materials and formal structure, realizes works that stimulate in the viewers the desire to face the multiple issues and information coming from two cultural universes that, thanks to his imagination, converse with each other and blend harmonically.

In spite of his academic education, Salomon has chosen not to let traditional schools or methods influence him; his artistic search, very personal and ever-changing, using horizontal and vertical lines, spaces and patterns, produces geometrical shapes creating spatial planes, in turn containing different arrangements and different depths.

It is impossible not to notice some features in common with the Dutch current of De Stijl..

It is impossible not to notice some features in common with the Dutch current of De Stijl, who held harmony, order, clarity essential in art; Salomon too produces effects of harmony, quiet and geometrical balance, but his works – differently from the Neoplasticists' that were austere and geometrical – though sharing pictorial structures made of primary colours and other simple elements such as lines, are made livelier, emotional and animated by specific and educated insertions added freely and creatively and drawn from both the deeply loved cultures. 

Meir Salomon’s art is delicate and pictorial, but he does not ignore the complex contemporary age; this Artist draws his inspiration from exploring the history and anxieties of two worlds that he still feels his own. In building a bridge between East and West and in expressing the real values in life -the root of every culture’s identity – he creates specially lyrical and magical works.

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